Headlines Holding Markets Hostage

Trade Tensions Upend Rally in StocksAfter a strong rebound beginning the day after Christmas and continuing through the first four months of 2019, the S&P 500 Index reached fresh all-time highs in late April. Since the start of May, however, the market has given up nearly […]

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Stocks Hold Strong as Economy Slows

Stocks Robust Around the WorldIn the first quarter of 2019, U.S. stocks surged to their best quarterly returns since 2009.  As is often the case with markets, the sharp gains came from a rebound following a vertiginous drop in the recent past.  The S&P 500 […]

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Stocks Soar to Start 2019

So far, the opening weeks of 2019 in the markets are nearly a mirror image of the last two months of 2018. Last year, U.S. stocks fell sharply to end the year.  This year, they have risen relentlessly and notched their best two-month start to a […]

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The One Time a SEP-IRA Beats a Solo 401(k) [Video]

Self-employed individuals have a leg up on W-2 employees in saving for retirement and cutting their tax bills thanks to more generous tax-deductible retirement plan contribution limits on SEP-IRAs, Solo 401(k)s (also called “Individual 401(k)s”) and defined benefit plans.This video will address the one circumstance, […]

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Federal Reserve Gives Green Light to the Stock Market

Fed Gives the Green Light to Markets

In the last three months of 2018, investors were becoming increasingly concerned that the Federal Reserve was raising rates too quickly and that higher borrowing costs would choke off economic growth that was already set to ease due to the winding down of tax and […]

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