How It Works

We provide a comprehensive and cost-effective solution for Defined Benefit plan owners that requires very little of their ongoing time and effort.

We work closely with our plan administrator to ensure the set-up and ongoing administration of your plan is smooth and seamless. Our pension plan administrators are highly efficient and experienced; they are focused solely on designing and administering Defined Benefit plans.

What You Do

  • Provide our pension administrator the information required to establish your Defined Benefit plan
  • Open up your plan’s investment account (we help you do this)
  • Make annual tax-deductible contributions to your plan (we help you do this)
  • Enjoy significant tax savings along with a rapidly growing retirement nest egg

What We At Orion Do

  • Formulate, in consultation with you, your plan’s investment strategy
  • Design, construct and implement agreed-upon investment strategy
  • Provide ongoing management of investment portfolio, including trading, rebalancing and periodic performance reporting
  • Discuss with you any investment matters of interest or concern to you

What Our Plan Administrator Does

  • Designs your plan using its proto-type plan document (with IRS opinion letter)
  • Prepares actuarial calculations for your plan
  • Provides the actuarial certification that makes your contributions tax deductible
  • Prepares and annually files Form 5500 for your plan
  • Completes annual actuarial valuation of your plan
  • Does any consulting work requested by plan owner

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