Why Choose Orion?

We understand there are many options available to those in need of investment services.  We invite you to consider what makes us a uniquely qualified firm to manage your investments.

Independent Fiduciary

Unlike banks and brokerage firms, Orion Capital Management LLC is an independent fiduciary.  We take our obligation to put our clients' interests ahead of our own very seriously.  We do not sell financial products and do not work on commission.  Our clients know that we work only for them and that our service comes free of the conflicts-of-interest so prevalent in the investment industry. 

Customized Investment Strategies

At Orion we develop, implement and maintain an investment strategy that suits the unique needs and requirements of each client.  We do not employ a “one size fits all” approach.  Each of our clients has different objectives and comfort levels, and we strive daily to find the optimal portfolio for each of them.  In that pursuit we employ a wide variety of investment instruments.
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Experienced Financial Managers

Our Founder and Portfolio Manager, Peter Thoms, has extensive experience investing in many different regions, markets and instruments over his career.   While the clients of many banks and brokerage firms only deal with a salesperson, our clients deal directly with our portfolio manager.  Prior to founding Orion in 2002, Mr. Thoms held investment research and co-portfolio management positions at PIMCO, a widely-respected global investment firm.

Our Director of Financial Planning, Jefferson Rotherham, has developed and monitored hundreds of financial plans for clients in a wide range of circumstances. Prior to joining Orion, Mr. Rotherham was the Director of Financial Planning at a nationally recognized investment and planning firm in the San Diego area.

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Account Security & Transparency

Our portfolio management platform provides our clients the highest levels of account security and transparency. The assets of each of our clients reside in an account in that client’s name only; we never commingle client assets in a fund.  Our clients have 24/7 secure online access to their accounts.

 Full Liquidity

We believe we need to earn and to maintain our clients’ trust each day.  Accordingly, our clients enjoy full liquidity and may move money into or out of their accounts at any time. There is no cost to open or to close an account with us.  Clients are free to close their accounts at any time with no advance notice and no penalty.

Orion Capital Management LLC adheres to the CFA Institute's Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Conduct.